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    There is a good supply of good quality Western-style housing, on and off compounds but rents are expensive - average rents are $1,350-1,800 per month with service charges on top. However cheaper houses can be found off compounds.

    Most diving activities takes place in the Berau Archipelago in the Celebes sea, around the islands of Derawan, Sangaliki and Maratua in East Kalimantan , there are also some less visited dive sites in West Kalimantan , these include Batu Payung and Radayan island in the vicinity of Singkawang and Karimata islands reserve further south, some 100 kilometers of the coast from Ketapang .

    The plant life of the archipelago reflects a mingling of Asiatic and Australian forms with endemic ones. Vegetation ranges from that of the tropical rain forest of the northern lowlands and the seasonal forests of the southern lowlands, through vegetation of the less luxuriant hill forests and mountain forests, to subalpine shrub vegetation.

    Red Splendour Cross Back Arowana is a variant produced by cross breeding of Cross Back Golden Arowana and Red Arowana. Due to its Hybrid origin, it is a rather exotic variant as it will exhibit the color characteristics of both the Red Arowana and Cross Back Golden Arowana.
    Super Grade Splendour possesses even better color, scale and splendid body.

    The island historically had extensive rainforest cover, but the area was reduced due to heavy logging by the Indonesian and Malaysian wood industry, especially with the large demands of raw materials from industrial countries along with the conversion of forest lands for large-scale agricultural purposes. [25] Half of the annual global tropical timber acquisition comes from Borneo. Palm oil plantations have been widely developed and are rapidly encroaching on the last remnants of primary rainforest. [28] Forest fires since 1997, started by the locals to clear the forests for plantations were exacerbated by an exceptionally dry El Niño season, worsening the annual shrinkage of the rainforest. [29] During these fires, hotspots were visible on satellite images and resulting haze that frequently affecting Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and if turns much worse the haze will also reaching to southern Thailand , Cambodia , Vietnam and the Philippines as evidenced on the 2015 Southeast Asian haze . [30]

    SBA received next order for one of the longest roll grinding machines on market. A remarkable machine bed length of 21 m will provide a traversing range beyond 17 m. Latest paper machines are coming along with bigger rolls of up to 15,000 mm in length and up to 2,300 mm in diameter. Maximum weight of […]

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    Various - Kalimantan StringsVarious - Kalimantan StringsVarious - Kalimantan StringsVarious - Kalimantan Strings