Various - serial killer volume 1

    An anger-motivated serial killer is one that’s driven by an intense hatred of a group of people. This anger can be based on religion, gender, lifestyle, or race, and could be fueled by something from a life-changing event to the irrational development of racist views. Some profiles also call this type a “mission serial killer,” as they believe it is their purpose in life to rid the world of a certain type of person.

    Oxygen Media, the new destination for high-quality crime programming, ventures into the mind of America’s most notorious serial killer when its two-night special ...

    I just thought that I would drop a line to see how are doing? I trust that nothing new has happen to you. So what happen with the break-in, did the owner have to make good for what you lost? My last letter to you was on March 22nd, and that was just after that happen. Nothing new going on at this end, as you can see from the clipping they have ruled that the Illinois Death Penalty law is unconstitutional, which in not new as I think I told you about that a few years ago. They just haven’t been addressing that issue sliding away from it with each case. Now they had to address it. But it will be appealed by the state and go all the way up to the United States Surpreme court, which could take more then a year. Meanwhile all 121 men on the row just sit and wait for the final ruling.

    Various - Serial Killer Volume 1Various - Serial Killer Volume 1Various - Serial Killer Volume 1Various - Serial Killer Volume 1